Applicant tracking software

About PinPoint

Pinpoint is an Applicant Tracking System designed for in-house talent acquisition and HR teams at organisations making between 15 and 5,000 hires per year.

We help you attract, hire, and retain more of the best people while reducing recruitment costs, and automating your admin.

Our customers:

  • Attract 4 x more qualified candidates
  • Spend 80% less time on admin
  • Make hires 40% faster
  • Reduce recruitment agency spend by 83%

PinPoint features

Pinpoint is used by Talent Acquisition teams making between 15 and 5,000 hires per year that want to attract more of the best candidates, spend less time on admin, and reduce recruitment costs.

PinPoint pricing

Seamlessly connect recruitment and HR processes through the Pinpoint and intelliHR integration. Eliminate double-up of information for both HR and new hires, and create a smooth and enjoyable onboarding experience.

PinPoint screenshots