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About LiveHire

LiveHire is a recruitment software with ATS and CRM capabilities to provide your recruitment team, candidates and hiring managers with the best user experience to help you source, engage and hire the right talent.

How LiveHire works

LiveHire’s recruitment software provides a world-class candidate and recruiter experience that is intuitive and easy to use while allowing your organisation to: build more productive and high-functioning recruitment teams, protect your brands' reputation by reducing candidate rejection, reach hiring targets while reducing spend, hire people who are interested and engaged with your brand, create genuine and authentic relationships with candidates, and build a more diverse workforce.

Why integrate LiveHire with intelliHR?

  • Eliminate time and effort from onboarding when hiring top candidates
  • Easily connect two award winning, best-in-breed platforms
  • Deliver a seamless new hire experiences
  • Connect rich candidate profile and offer information to support ongoing learning, performance and goals, HR and Payroll management

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