intelliHR Public API

Write your own custom applications that read or write data into intelliHR

About intelliHR Public API

The intelliHR Public API allows our customers and partners to write their own custom applications that read or write data into the intelliHR data model. We’re always adding more endpoints and keen to get feedback from developers and systems integrators!

intelliHR Public API features

Our public API gives you access to multiple endpoints, such as the People API (to lookup, list or create a person), or the Jobs API (to retrieve or insert Job related information).

The API is organised around REST. All requests should be made over HTTPS. All request response bodies, including errors are encoded in JSON.

intelliHR Public API pricing

As a modern Software-as-a-Service provider, integrations are incredibly important to help our customers deliver a seamless employee experience for their organisation. We help save HR teams precious time managing the duplication of data, enable fully integrated notifications with all your communication platforms and a fully customisable flow of data to any API-backed business system.

intelliHR Public API screenshots