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Expr3ss! - Predictive Hiring Technology

Other Applicant Tracking Systems leave all the hard work to be done by the recruiter. For more than 15 years Expr3ss! has brought much-needed relief to recruiters. Relief from the burdens of evaluating, assessing, appraising, prioritising, scheduling and all the hard work that goes into creating that final shortlist.

Organisations of all sizes and complexities have discovered the benefits of getting the right people into the right jobs, streamlining time-to-hire, and boosting staff retention and productivity.

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How Expr3ss! works

Expr3ss! Predictive Hiring Technology simplifies staff selection based on your own benchmarks removing the guesswork for employers on who to hire

Why integrate Expr3ss! with intelliHR?

  • Through the seamless integration, new staff are pushed from Expr3ss! directly into the intelliHR platform, eliminating double-ups, errors and duplication of information

  • Easily connect two best-in-breed platforms, without any connection costs

  • Support ongoing learning, performance and goals, HR and connect to Payroll management

Expr3ss! - Predictive Hiring Technology

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