Workforce management and rostering

About Ento

Founded in Australia in 2009, Ento is a powerful workforce management platform for shift-based workforces. Today, with a team of 55 across Melbourne, Sydney & Toronto, we’ve become the chosen solution in over 10,000 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, childcare, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 50 to 2,000+ staff.

Ento features

Powerful enterprise software designed with the end-user in mind. Ento's intuitive interface allows managers to quickly and easily roster staff, communicate shifts, manage time and attendance, approve leave requests and automate HR workflows such as staff onboarding.

Combine your data and Ento's AI to forecast the exact number of staff you need scheduled to control labour costs, stay compliant and maximise revenue.

Complex pay rules are no match for Ento's interpreter. Be confident your employees' pay rates are up to date and accurate.

Ensure your workforce is engaged with easy-to-use mobile software giving them the ability to self-serve, swap shifts, update their own details and communicate with your teams.

Ento pricing

  • Roster the right people for the right shifts with our seamless integration
  • Maintain unified rostering and HR records for accurate data and reporting
  • Onboard your employees with an automated backend and employee-centric frontend.


Ento screenshots