Workforce management and rostering

About Ento

Ento is a powerful workforce management platform for shift-based workforces. Founded in 2009, we’ve grown to over 60 employees with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Now, more than 380 medium to large businesses and over 90,000 employees use Ento on a daily basis to create 30 million plus rosters.

How Ento works

Ento is a powerful enterprise software designed with the end-user in mind. Our intuitive interface allows managers to quickly and easily roster staff, communicate shifts, manage time and attendance, approve leave requests, and automate HR workflows such as staff onboarding.

Optimise staffing levels: With demand-driven rostering, combine your data with Ento’s powerful AI to forecast the exact number of staff you need scheduled to control labour costs, stay compliant, and maximise revenue.

Easily pay your staff correctly: Complex pay rules are no match for Ento’s interpreter. So you can be confident your employees’ pay rates are up to date and accurate.

Keep your workforce engaged: Ensure staff are engaged with easy-to-use mobile software that gives them the ability to self-serve, swap shifts, update their details, and communicate with your teams.

Why integrate Ento with intelliHR?

  • Administration is reduced. You only need to enter information into one system.

  • One source of truth. No longer will you have inconsistent employee details across disparate systems.

  • No need to purchase additional software to transfer data between systems as this is a native integration.

  • Benefit from unified rostering and HR records for accurate data and reporting.

When a new personnel record is created, updated or removed in IntelliHR, details are then automatically mapped and transferred into Ento. The associated Ento record will then reflect the same information that’s been entered or changed in IntelliHR.

You also have the choice to sync the data transfer in real-time, at a specific time, or a combination of both.


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