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About Bonusly

Bonusly is the fun and easy way to engage all of your employees. Designed for both users and admins, Bonusly features peer-to-peer recognition that’s connected to company values, automated celebrations for new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries, customizable awards, flexible survey tools, and an international reward catalog with gift card, donation, and swag options. 87% of Bonusly users participate in the program every month, generating actionable people analytics you can trust.

Bonusly features

2,000+ companies use Bonusly to connect in-person, remote, distributed, and international teams with recognition. Bonusly's Slack, Microsoft Teams, and HRIS integrations make implementation seamless.

Bonusly pricing

Enable personalized, employee recognition based on birthdays, tenure and goal achievements. Ensure automated recognition through linking intelliHR with Bonusly, and drive a culture of recognition and acknowledgement.

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